Top Mommy Influencers on Instagram

Thanks to great platforms like social media, a lot of people have a way to share their experiences and get their message heard by the masses. These ‘influencers’ are really good at curating their handles to speak to niche audiences. They make it easy to find relevant, timely and valuable information on Instagram. And one of the most popular and vibrant sectors on Instagram right now is the Mommy Influencer network. It’s a way of extending the village it takes to raise a child and provide support and camaraderie to moms around the world. And now, many moms are adding social impact to the list! Here are some of the top mommy influencers with a passion for changing the world.


Glennon Doyle is an author, activist, philanthropist and creator of the online community Momastery. In 2014, Parents Magazine named her and Momastery the winner of its award for Best All-Around at Social Media. She has since been writing books, touring as a public speaker and running a powerfully motivating Instagram account with over 391k followers. She offers tips on parenting, relationships and shares message of support for minorities and oppressed groups, using her voice for social justice.


Shah is a mom, wife, community leader and co-founder of Boss Mom Nation, a community of women who are dedicated to empowering mothers to do awesome things in the world along with being active and consicous parents to their kids. Her feed is filled with positive messages that offer hope and support for women and families all over.


Rachel Hollis started a blog just to promote her day job, which was hosting celebrity weddings and events. The effort taught her that being authentic is the only way to really succeed on Instagram - so she started writing more and more about what she knew best, from styling advice to parenting tips and more. Now she has over 247k followers on Instagram and uses her voice to spread motivational messages to women and encourage positive change in the world.


LaTonya is a visual storyteller, blogger and mom and her Instagram handle is packed with style and NY home decor tips and inspiration. She offers motherhood advice she has learned on the front lines and also talks candidly about activism, racism and self-love. She now has over 49.1k followers on Instagram.


Cindi Leive is a journalist, former Editor-inChief of Glamour Magazine, fashion lover, mom of two and social media influencer. With over 46.8k followers on Instagram, she uses her handle to promote a variety of causes, including ending family separation, gun control, racially driven violence and more. She is an inspiration to her followers and uses her large platform based on her fashion career to share messages of peace and inclusion.


Heather Murphy-Raines is a mom blogger with 25.4k followers on Instagram. She posts about the realities of motherhood, conflicts within herself and relationships that shape her life. Her feed is filled with pictures of her family and her dogs but also includes plenty of messages that are focused on the issues our country is dealing with today and encouraging people to get involved and fight for the rights of others.

The key to becoming a top Instagram influencer is to have a message that you believe in and desire to share with others. The goal is to marry the topics you are already passionate about - in this case they are parenting and social activism - and show how you are using your life and voice to make an impact! Check out Be a Doer to find out how you can build your Instagram presence in order to make a difference in the world!